How can I use my voucher?

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If you have received a voucher through us, the agency, you have to call our customer support to use the voucher. For a fee of 30 EUR, our support team will then handle all communication with the airline and rebook your ticket to your new travel dates.  

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In case you have received a voucher directly from the airline you need to contact the customer support of the airline.

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The airlines offer Open Ticket and Voucher options. For the customer, there is no big difference between the two options as it has to do with how each airline decides to offer each solution. By way of a general overview, we provide information on conditions typically applied by airlines. However, any deviating provisions of each airline prevail over the general information provided below. Therefore, in each case, please check the applicable terms and conditions of the relevant airline.

Open ticket & vouchers are:

  • per person and can normally not be transferred to another passenger/person
  • eligible only for the same airline and normally only the same destination
  • corresponding to the value of the original ticket fare. Any rebooking fees and fare/tax differences are not included in the value.